Request: Host a HaloMD Dedicated Server with the Halo Star Wars Map

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Request: Host a HaloMD Dedicated Server with the Halo Star Wars Map

Post by RafifGuy » Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:35 pm

Hello there fellow Mac Gaming Mods users!

This is probably a lot to ask for fellow users but here we go.

I want to request fellow users to create a dedicated server for HaloMD with the Halo Star Wars map, because that map deserve a lot more attention (check the ModDB link: or just download it for yourself) Yeah you probably will call me lazy for this but i have my (very weak) reasoning why i don't do this myself *cough*:

1.I followed the tutorial on the HaloMD forums how to host and i can't seem to make my server show up
2.I don't have a really good internet connection (5 MB) and i'm afraid that would effect other people connection when joining the server
3. I'm lazy as hell ;_; (forgive me fellow users)
4. I live in Indonesia (it's near Philippines and Australia) so i guess that makes 90 % players from either EU and US connection bad when they join?

Anyway's if anyone that read this post is experienced in making HaloMD dedicated server please contact me through private messages or comment on this post, i really want to ask if you are experienced and wanted to help me, to create the server by yourself, since maybe you like the Star Wars map? i dunno. But if you are experienced but frustated by my laziness yet still wanted to help, you could just give detailed instructions on how to set up the server and use the Star Wars custom map as the server map.

This is the dedicated server that i imagined:
Name = Halo Battlefront
Game = CTF
Map = Halo Star Wars
Players = 16

So if one of you guys is actually interested with my dedicated server idea and wanted to make it by yourself, above is what i imagine to be the perfect setup for the map, since the map is focused on CTF and large scale battles in space.

Thank you for reading this post fellow users and forgive me for my terrible grammar. If you have any questions just comment on this post and i'll try my best to answer it.
May the force be with you fellow Mac Gaming Mod Users, always...
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