Chainspawning without importing anything!

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Chainspawning without importing anything!

Post by 002 » Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:10 am

I know Halo Demo is long gone, and it's likely that nobody will ever make use of this topic, but I figured that this topic will answer some of the question from when people were around:

Chainspawning is when an object is spawned by an object that was spawned by another object. For example, if you fire a weapon, and that weapon creates a projectile, it was spawned by that weapon. Let's say that the projectile explodes, then creates a health pack where it was destroyed. This health pack was 'chainspawned' because it was spawned by an object (the projectile) that was spawned by another object (the weapon).

First of all, chainspawning does not require Halo CE. There are chainspawning effects even available in, namely the ones that spawns garb tags (garb can be replaced with anything you want). However, this tutorial will tell you how to do this without even having to expand/rebuild your map.

Second, if you fire a projectile that has a chainspawning effect, any subsequent effect caused by that effect will still be credited to you, meaning if you make a rocket that spawns a rocket that spawns another rocket, and it kills someone, then you will still be credited for the kill. There are a couple exceptions to this that I can't name off of the top of my head.

Third, chainspawn effects are as CSS as when fired out of weapons with "Client-Side Only" unchecked. That means that non-netgame objects like scenery, machines, light fixtures, and sound scenery probably won't appear to people who don't have the mod. Bipeds will appear, but their weapons won't sync, and nor will their location or velocity sync if it's modified by anything after it spawns, though their deaths will. Projectiles will appear but their effects will not work, kind of like with the gravity rifle. Weapons and equipment should fully spawn, though, as well as vehicles.

So now for the Eschaton tutorial, which requires using a modified version of Sparky's effe plugin, which I uploaded at this site (along with another version of the tutorial): ... g/?p=44784

Open your map in Eschaton and go to an effe tag that has at least one reference that is not a particle (part) tag. An example is the frag grenade explosion.

Go to Reflexives -> Events -> Event 1 -> Reflexives -> Parts -> Part # (pick any of these). You can change what is created in dependencies, but we're also focused on the Enum32 known as "Type", which was added in this modified plugin. Change it to Object so we can spawn objects (e.g. bipeds, weapons, projectiles, weapons, etc.). This essentially tells Halo that this is an object that we're spawning.

I also wrote a hex editor tutorial if you don't want to use the plugin. Open your map in Eschaton, find a non-part dependency, take note of its offset, change it to any object you want (e.g. a vehicle). Open your map in a hex editor, jump to the offset of that dependency, overwrite the four bytes before that offset with the ASCII string, ejbo, then save.

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