Macsoft employee will die by my hands, here is why.

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Macsoft employee will die by my hands, here is why.

Post by Dirk Gently » Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:14 am

So for my shader mod I am working I have have been able to get all bumpmaps to show up, previously it has been at the cost of having broken shaders until the active camo shader being used in-game. I have figured a way around that now by the following:

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TEX t0, f0, texture[0], 2D;
Changed to:

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First revision:
TEX t0, f0, texture[0], CUBE;
and is now:

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Current revision:
TEX t0, f0, texture[0], RECT;
Now when I use active camo and the shader activates, everything reverts back to being without bumpmaps visible.

As to why Macsoft thought it was a good idea to use HLSL in the mac version of halo is beyond me.... and it is driving me crazy, how are the active camo and environment lightmap shaders related?

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Re: Macsoft employee will die by my hands, here is why.

Post by nil » Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:07 pm

Well, first, I've no solution to your issue at all :P and I don't really know much about shaders and never used GLSL or anything myself.

From leet googlings, I hear that for OpenGL, there's either GLSL or Cg (which apparently is very similar to HLSL, and has variants like CgFX). I also hear that it's easy to convert HLSL/Cg shaders to GLSL too, which is what Halo might do so that they could keep the shader files 'more' portable I suppose, or for whatever other reason there might be.
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