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What happened to GoM Jumbo?

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2020 5:38 pm
by Jumbo

It's me....Jum.

I've been absent lately and I'm not on Discord, so I thought I would explain my absence here and hope someone relays the info. My iMac quit on me and I got a newer one with Catalina OS installed on it. Unfortunately, Halo MD won't run on it since it only will run 64 bit apps. (Halo MD is 32) There may be hope for me though...... my old Mac may be able to be repaired after all if it's only the power supply. If it turns out to be the graphics card, it's not worth getting it fixed I am told. Also, there may be a workaround for those wanting to run Halo MD on a Mac that has Catalina (or later OS) installed....... and that is by installing an OLDER OS on the same Mac and running it in a virtual window. You use a program called PARALLELS DESKTOP to do this. Anyone else doing this? Maybe I should just retire and work on my shuffleboard game....?

Hope to figure out something and be back soon.

Re: What happened to GoM Jumbo?

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 5:18 pm
by Jumbo
Update: Old iMac is shot for good. Not worth repairing. Could buy an older one just to play Halo....hmmmm. There is a way to run 32-bit apps on Catalina, although I'm unsure how Halo would perform (?) There is a program called Paralells Desktop for Mac that will allow running of old 32-bit apps. I'm trying to download it. What you have to do is download Windows and install it on your Mac with Bootcamp (separate hard drive partition) Then you reboot in Windows and launch Parallels Desktop to run Halo. (Wondering if you could install an old Mac OS rather than Windows?)

Lots of questions. Kinda tricky. Not sure if it will work. Not sure if it's worth buying an old unit just to play Halo....

Really miss playing and having fun on Gulch with you guys. A great bunch really (cept for them AE's....lolol) :mrgreen:

Re: What happened to GoM Jumbo?

Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2020 10:25 pm
by jeepwrangler
you don't need to use parallels in Windows. and I wouldn't recommend playing Halo through parallels (too slow).

Just install Windows via Bootcamp. And then make sure you find a PC copy of Halo (not CE). Make sure you update Halo PC to 1.0.10. And then you can connect to HaloMD servers by typing out the IP/Port into the Direct IP box in Multiplayer.

This is the best way to play halo anyway, the PC version of Halo is more optimized than the Mac version (so better framerates and more servers)