Eldewrito (wine) For OSX

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Eldewrito (wine) For OSX

Post by swampy » Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:54 am

At the moment I have Eldewrito working in wine. This an Alpha. It does play and you can connect online.. It's a 4.75 gig d/l. It's Eldewrito 6.1.0. Plus some Halo3 mods..

I'd like your feedback so I can tweak it more... Thank you..

Eldewrito 6.1.0 plus Halo3 mods (wine) https://mega.nz/#!MXwV3Q6D!X3wiAtOnjsh_ ... jgK0HTuMbg

It should work from 10.8 to Mojave... Tested so far in EL Cap and Mojave.

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