Proof-of-Concept: "Soft" Protection

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Proof-of-Concept: "Soft" Protection

Post by 002 » Sat Oct 12, 2013 4:34 pm

Another proof of concept from yours truly! Yay! Who is yours truly anyway?

What soft protection does is it EOF's various reflexives, leaving a phantom of the original reflexives for people to read instead.

This accomplishes three goals:
  • Prevents tags from being directly extracted from the map. This can be from one of three things: destroy the map Eschaton imports the tag into, Eschaton imports a corrupted version of the tag, or importing a soft-protected tag prevents Eschaton from completing the rebuild process.
  • Allows tags to still be analyzed by map editors, allowing people to learn from the tags.
  • Leaves all tag data intact.
The protection is not very hard to break as one could simply link to the fake data, though manually doing it is time consuming. On my to-do list is making it harder to break by removing all fake data, except for LoneID's and dependencies.

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