AllusionCL - 0.3.0

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AllusionCL - 0.3.0

Post by 002 » Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:02 pm

I'm working on a command-line utility for doing various things that will run on both Windows and OS X. You can view the original post here: ... io-editor/
Right now, it's only got one feature, and that's copying scenery spawns (and scenery palettes) from one map to another map.
Here's an example map. ... (Slayer only)

To copy scenery spawns, you need to import the required tags. As I said, this is a command-line utility. If you don't know how to access the command-line, OS X lion+ users can go to the Launchpad and type in "Terminal"; earlier OS X users can find it by pressing shift-command-G in Finder, then entering /Applications/Utilities/ and double clicking the application; Windows users can use Windows+R, type in "cmd" and pressing return.
Do the following syntax in your Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (OS X), replacing every <> with the applicable paths (you can usually drag and drop the files):

Code: Select all

<allusion executable> --dupescenery <source map> <destination map>
<source map> is the path to the map you want to copy the scenery from. Can be any map as long as it's a retail (full version), unprotected map.

<destination map> is the path to the map you want to copy the scenery spawns to. Be sure that destination map is a retail unprotected non-ce multiplayer/UI map, or else it will be destroyed; I don't have any safeguards added just yet. Always back your map up before using any tool. Example of maps:
  • Bad maps: Singleplayer maps. 
  • Good maps:, Blood Gulch, Gephyrophobia, Rat Race, etc.
You will also need to import each scenery tag from the source map yourself to use this tool. It's entirely optional if you want to import the sbsp tag, though I wouldn't know why you wouldn't want to.
At last, the download link.
Download [Windows]: ... lusion.exe
Download [OS X]: ... L/Allusion

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