Silent Cartographer Evolved Multiplayer Mod

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Silent Cartographer Evolved Multiplayer Mod

Post by HandofGod » Wed May 10, 2017 1:19 pm

Submitted to nil/002 today I bring you (the HaloMD community) a newish mod. This is the Silent Cartographer Evolved Multiplayer for MD. Originally put together by Perla117 for Halo Custom Edition, I had to reduce the mod size to under 200MB from around 304MB. It features CMT SPV3 weapons and vehicles as well as stuff from the Silent Cartographer Evolved mod and some other nice scenery.
Screenshots to be posted soon.. can't get photobucket to work.

Download Link: ...

Be sure to add the mod by going to the top of the screen when you're on HaloMD and clicking Mods->Add Mods or Mods->Reveal Mods in Finder and then drop the .map file into your Maps folder.

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