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Halo 2 MD Maps

Post by HandofGod » Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:43 pm

So after some thought I've decided to update/refine some of the existing Halo 2 maps that are already on Halo MD. I decided to do this as I've noticed that the weapon/fp arms/biped/vehicles models look really bad in some of them (Relic, Zanzibar) and there is no visible way to tell how much health you have on the HUD on many of these maps. I imported most of the Halo 2 maps to MD (Relic, Zanzibar) when I first started modding and had no idea what I was doing back in 2013. Ideally I will update the models in the maps, improve the HUD by using Jesse from Halo CE's Halo 2 HUD and try to put some health packs in some or most of the maps. I know there is a way to regenerate health though as I've seen it in action on Halo Custom Edition's map H3 Foundry... but I'm not sure how to do this... perhaps someone can help me with that (could be a script, not sure).

I also want to release a version of Elongation that Sparky and I worked on in early 2014 I believe that I originally intended to release as a part of Halo Update. This map still needs alot of work (putting in Halo 2 assets, improving the lighting) and I hopefully I still have it somewhere as it is pretty fun.

I also want to rerelease Warlock and Beaver Creek as Halo 2 themed maps instead of the "Halo Update" versions I have now. I think it would be more fitting to do this as Halo Update is geared mostly towards revising/reimagining the stock maps for the Halo MD community rather than using Halo 2 bsps.

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Re: Halo 2 MD Maps

Post by ItsMeAustin » Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:12 pm

Thanks for this, those old tags and animations really bugged me.

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