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SparkMusic Final

Post by Sparky » Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:48 pm

This is my final release of SparkMusic. This includes Eschaton tags, the compiled Halo Custom Edition map file, and the Pearl 2 Beta 1 converted HaloMD map file. Sorry, no Halo Demo version this time around, but you can easily convert it with Pearl if you can find a version of Pearl 2 that converts to Halo Demo, or you can import the individual lsnd tags into a Halo Demo map file with Eschaton and rebuild, then follow the five steps listed below, but as you would to use a Halo Demo mod instead of using HaloMD.

The easiest way to audition a track is to:

1. Place the HaloMD map file into your HaloMD maps folder.
2. Load the map in Eschaton.
3. View the sbsp tag using the Reference Swapper and scroll down to the very bottom, where you see the reference for the lsnd tag.
4. Choose the map as the Modded map file in HaloMD and start a new game.
5. Listen to the music, then swap in another lsnd tag reference in Eschaton in place of the existing lsnd reference within the sbsp tag.

Enjoy! There are more than enough lsnd tracks for any mod or mod series you would like to develop.

I have also included the Drizzling Rain sound scenery (ssce) tag from Skyrim that I used in Bloodgulch Extreme.

Download (~980 MB)
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