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002's Weaponset Mod

Post by 002 » Wed Dec 29, 2010 7:17 pm

All weapons listed below are available. You may use any of them in your own mod if you wish. That's what I made it for, but please give credit if you want to use it, even if modifying it. All required tags are renamed. Please use the recursive exportation/importation function.

FYI: This is a mod, not a brand new map! There is no CE or Full version content that has been imported into this compilation.

It's also not CSS. I haven't tested it, but I've known from experience that changing names of weapons will cause a crash to those who don't have a name match.

Download: http://www.halodemomods.com/wiki/File:0 ... ponset.zip

The yellow notes are notes that detail my experience of making them.

Weaponset List:
  • Rocket Launcher -> Quake III Rocket Launcher*

    The Quake III Rocket Launcher is a very powerful weapon originally used for dominating deathmatch games on the ancient Quake III arenas. It doesn't use a clip and carries a lot of rockets that can send enemies to oblivion.
    This one took the longest to make. It's also my favorite of the set.
    002 wishes he had the model as well.
  • Assault Rifle -> Avenger Rifle

    The Avenger Rifle is an assault rifle that fires an automatic spray of 5.55mm badass firepower.
    This one was a pain to do.
  • Sniper Rifle -> Scoped Avenger Rifle

    The Scoped Avenger Rifle is a modified Avenger Rifle with a 2x magnification scope.
    This one, too.
  • Pistol

    The Pistol is a .50 caliber sidearm that can fire a two-round burst capable of dealing massive mortalitizing headshot damage.
    Too easy. I'm not too proud of it.
  • Flamethrower -> Grenade Launcher

    The Grenade Launcher uses an oxygen gas pump mechanism for delivering a painful two-grenade shrapnel demolition.
    I did have to make the Fragmentation Grenade first.
  • Fuel Rod Gun -> Portable Air Strike

    The Portable Air Strike is a Grenade Launcher that does not use an oxygen gas mechanism. It fires a one-shot rain of doom to anyone who is caught in this rain of doom. It is also combined with a 8x magnification scope.
    Ultimate n00b weapon. This was a filler.
  • Fragmentation Grenade

    The Fragmentation Grenade creates a cloud of shrapnel (hence the name "Fragmentation Grenade") that doesn't care who it hurts and does mega-damage to those it does hurt. The new addition to this grenade is that it can now be fired out of weapons without any problems of throwing it.
    This one was very easy to get working with the weapons. The initial speed has to be set to something.
  • Plasma Grenade -> Shield Jammer

    The Shield Jammer, very similar to the one used in Halo 3, is a grenade that immediately activates. It does minor shield damage, but at a fast rate. This is good for the person that throws the grenade, as their shields aren't fried instantly. It also sticks to players, unlike Halo 3's equivalent.
    This one was pretty easy.
  • TNT*


    The TNT is a very powerful grenade, capable of sticking to any surface known to man. It has a ten second delay after contact, giving anyone a chance to get their ass out of the way before it's blown out of the way. It is very silent and is difficult to notice, useful for removing camping snipers.
    Reflexive after reflexive. It's easier in Hex Edit, bear with me.
  • Plasma Rifle -> TNT Deployer

    Halo 1 only supports two grenades. I had to make something that can fire the TNT grenade. It glows red if it is armed, and glows blue if it is dead. It also only has one shot, but it can be replaced immediately after use.
    I tried looking for a way to have three different grenades. Use the TNT as a grenade, please.
  • Shotgun -> Lasertag Rifle*


    The Lasertag Rifle is an assault rifle that carries a fast and deadly plasma barrage. It has a slow recharge rate, though.
    I've been planning this weapon for several months. I'm glad I could get it from paper to Halo.
  • Plasma Pistol -> Demon Plasma Pistol

    The Demon Plasma Pistol has a fast rate of fire and an endless supply of power. However, it requires a lot of time to cool. It glows green if it cool, yellow if it warm, and red if it is hot or if it is firing (sensors detect weapon heat, including a projectile that is just coming out of it). You can also monitor the meter on the top left of your HUD.
    Not a very hard weapon. Just disable all methods of accessing the secondary trigger and reduce heat consumption while adding a rapid fire.

*=has a internalized sound/bitmap.

Second Download Link: http://www.halodemomods.com/wiki/File:0 ... ponset.zip
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Re: 002's Weaponset Mod

Post by Mgalekgolo » Wed Dec 29, 2010 7:44 pm

good job with the adherence thing! material responses are good!!!!!
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Re: 002's Weaponset Mod

Post by Amy » Wed Dec 29, 2010 7:53 pm

Love it, double-oh two.
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Re: 002's Weaponset Mod

Post by 002 » Sun Dec 11, 2011 6:06 pm

Sorry for the bump. I know this topic is dead and all, but I'm going to give a little trivia.

> The TNT is a modification of the plasma rifle bolt.
> I used the Avenger Rifle as a model when making the scoped version. I didn't duplicate the meta file.
> The frag grenade has a -1 initial speed.
> The demon plasma pistol has an inverted meter.

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