002's Assassin ~ Version 2 - DEMO ONLY; DEAD!

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002's Assassin ~ Version 2 - DEMO ONLY; DEAD!

Post by 002 » Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:50 pm

This tool only works for Halo Demo. It is not compatible with Mini Demo.

Primary Update: sv_admin added. Clients can now use the assassin. This is safe because they cannot remove host's adminship. They will need the application if they want to see a player list.

Updates every 0.5 seconds. You do not need to be host to use the player list part.

This application requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.

Notice: In clan wars, use of this tool for cheating is never allowed.

To use this tool, all you have to do is say (in Halo Demo): "sv_kill <player index>" and it'll kill that player. Player indices can be retrieved from sv_players. There are issues with sv_players in built-in Halo when a player leaves a game and the game ends. It leaves a space in Halo Demo's sv_players but does not in Halo Demo's memory.

Code: Select all

These are the available commands:

 sv_players - Obtain player indices.
 sv_kill PLAYER# - Kills a Player
†sv_time PLAYER# SECONDS - Kills a Player in the future. It overrides nuke timer.
 sv_spawn PLAYER# - Spawns a Player - Will not work for nonexistant players.
 sv_check PLAYER# - Checks for Living/Dead Players and Prints Spawn Countdown Timer 
 sv_admin PLAYER# - Toggles adminship for a player - Can not use on host. Adminship is retained until toggled off or application closes. Clicking "Stop" is ineffective. (NEW)
 sv_pwn PLAYER# - Repeatedly kills a player. Can only do one at a time (for now).
^sv_switch PLAYER# TEAM# - Kills a player and switches their team. It is useful for uneven teams.
 sv_host - Toggles host player. If host is disabled, the host will be killed silently, their team will be temporarily set to 65535, and their respawn timer will be set to 65535 (appears to be 2184). The killing of the host should be fast enough to prevent crashing if the host is holding the flag.
†sv_nuke SECONDS - Kills all players in SECONDS. If seconds is undefined, it'll kill all players instantly. SECONDS caps at 32768 and cannot be negative. Use "sv_nuke 0" to cancel.

†=Timer replaces assists. If there is no timer, it defaults to 0. This will affect scores, so, do not use this in KW's.
^=In CTF, if a player with an index that is greater than 1 picks up the flag, the game will crash.

Known Bugs:
It will say "Invalid Player. Argument is not an integer." when attempting to kill a player that is already dead. This error is harmless.
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Re: 002's Assassin ~ Version 2 - 'nuther update

Post by rEsTnPeAcEz » Wed May 01, 2013 1:18 pm

If you change the app target to HaloMD, will it work with HaloMD?

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