X-Plane: Sand Trap

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X-Plane: Sand Trap

Post by Seafire's last post » Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:13 pm

An X-Plane movie I've been working to come to fruition for a while. Lots of action and a bigger storyline.

Kuwait, 1991. At the height of Operation Desert Storm, the US army spots an iraqi SAM/AAA installation in a former village. When an AH-1 gets shot down and the pilots have to fend for themselves, all hell breaks loose, and the US army has to rush to get them back to base before they die, or even worse. Will they be saved? Or will they join the many of soldiers captured and being tortured in Baghdad? Stay tuned.

This will likely be my last video with no REAL characters. From now on I've raised my standards to have a rock-solid storyline and less "Military Propaganda"-ish film making. Next up: An X-Drama.

On retribution, it's coming. I'm too lazy to finish the last part, but I might do that this week. Also, In a few minutes I'll upload my short movie on Remembrance day.

Keep on trucking, X-Planers. Or, uh... A-10-ing. Whatever.

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