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|SOG| Server Rules of Engagement

Post by Vir2L™ » Mon Jan 22, 2007 2:32 pm

Server Rules of Engagement: How We Play

Welcome to |SOG| Tactical

We at SOG strive for a fun and team oriented atmosphere to recreate as realistic of a combat experience as possible. The SOG server is a place where fellow gamers can work together to advance the enjoyment of their hobby. We are not here to cater our game-play to the popular demands of the broader gaming public, but to provide an environment that fits our target audience. The very nature of our community depends on the inherent understanding from the players regarding what we are trying to accomplish. A tactical sim feel, not a run-n-gun fest.

If you are new to the SOG Server please take the time to read our rules below as well as the Sticky posts in our forum.

SOG Server Rules

The basic rule of thumb on our server is "If you wouldn't do it in real combat, don't do it in the game". This is the general point on just about all Tactical Realism servers. Alot of the rules and restrictions are there for gameplay reasons, we hope you can understand what we are aiming for here.

The following are the rules on the SOG Server(s).

> Cheating:
Cheating is unacceptable and anyone caught doing so will be dealt with accordingly (banned and made public).

> Running:
SOG is a tactical squad. That means we try to eliminate the run-n-gun attitude that seems to be the norm on most other game servers. This brings a more realistic combat feel to the game and encourages team oriented game-play. Running (upright stance) is allowed but should be kept to a minimum like crossing open areas and evading fire/grenades. Otherwise most of the time you should be walking (crouched position) in stealth mode. We are usually pretty lax about this rule, but running rampant continuously, after being warned, will get you kicked.

> Run-n-Gun:
We do not allow arcade-style/run-n-gun/spray and pray game-play. Game-play should resemble real life combat tactics/movements and a desire for self preservation. Running wildly/blindly into rooms or towards the enemy with your guns blazing (or with grenades cooking) without regard to life or limb is run-n-gun and is not tolerated. Real life soldiers use squad tactics, covering fire, grenades and smoke to advance and clear enemy positions. Run-n-gun will get you kicked.

> Iron Sights
Players should use their iron sights 99% to 100% of the time, just as in real life. There may be some occasions when players round a corner in a CQB environment, and react faster with their trigger then their aim, and the iron sights accidentally aren't used, but it should be a rare occurrence. Shooting from the hip is run-n-gun. Use your iron-sights or be kicked.

> Bunny Hopping (aka Strafe Jumping) and Belly Flopping:
We do not tolerate Bunny Hopping (the practice of repeated jumping to evade fire). Some people call it Strafe Jumping. If you keep Bunny Hopping after you have been asked to stop, chances are you will be kicked.

Belly Flopping. It is unrealistic to drop to the ground and fire prone when encountering the enemy at close range. If you are taking fire from long range, it is a valid and useful tactic. Close range belly flopping will get you kicked.

> Friendly Fire/Team Killing/Team Wounding:
Friendly fire is not tolerated. Shooting your team members in retaliation, to annoy them, to get their attention or just to cause havoc is grounds for being kicked and possibly banned. This goes for spamming weapons at the beginning of the round as well. It's annoying.... do it, and risk getting kicked.

> Obey Console and requests from SOG members:
Ignoring a direct command from Console will get you kicked. Mouthing off or arguing with the Console, Server Admin's or SOG members will get you kicked, and possibly banned.

> Kicks & Bans:
Multiple kicks = ban
Bans can only be appealed if player wasn't caught cheating.

> Be courteous to players:
Treat players as you would like to be treated.

> Have fun:
If you are not having fun, then there is no reason to be playing. Right?

We thank you for obeying these simple rules to make the SOG server a better place to play.
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