[FTL] The Moke / Firestarter (custom ships)

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Re: [FTL] The Moke / Firestarter (custom ships)

by WaeV » Tue Apr 15, 2014 9:04 pm

Looks great, Taxi!

Re: [FTL] The Moke / Firestarter (custom ships)

by TaxiService » Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:19 am

Updated thread

[FTL] The Moke / Firestarter (custom ships)

by TaxiService » Mon Dec 23, 2013 3:27 pm

(Original post on ftlgame.com)


The Moke (Human Freighter)
An aged cargo ship. This vessel was designed for short interplanetary trips, but its sturdy build allowed it to be easily refitted to withstand FTL jumps.

Code: Select all

Included Systems/Subsystems:
 Shields: ••  (2)
 Engines: ••  (2)
  Oxygen: •   (1)
 Weapons: ••• (3)
   Pilot: •   (1)
 Sensors: •   (1)
   Doors: ••  (2)

Starting weapons/augments:
· Heavy Laser Mk. I
· Ion Blast
· Heal Burst
· Long-ranged Scanners

Ship informations:
       Hull: 30
  Sys Power: 8
   Missiles: 18
Max weapons: 4
 Max drones: 2
Firestarter (Customized Cruiser)
This modified freighter houses a stolen artillery laser that fires four volleys that deal 1 damage and have decent fire and breach chances.

Code: Select all

Included Systems/Subsystems:
  Shields: ••  (2)
  Engines: ••  (2)
   Oxygen: •   (1)
  Weapons: ••• (3)
   Medbay: •   (1)
    Pilot: •   (1)
  Sensors: ••  (2)
    Doors: •   (1)
Artillery: ••  (2)

Starting weapons/augments:
· Basic Laser (x2)

Ship informations:
       Hull: 30
  Sys Power: 9
Max weapons: 3
 Max drones: 3
Room layouts:


Additional information:

The Moke starts without a medbay, so i gave it a Heal Burst bomb to compensate for that. If you buy it from a store, though, it will be able to heal up to four crew members at once!

The Firestarter was meant to have only two available weapon slots but, partly because of UI issues and partly because the ship *might* be a little bit underpowered, i chose to add a third slot at the last moment.
The artillery laser too was meant to fire five shots, but i nerfed it because i haven’t had the chance to playtest it very much and i was afraid it’d be overpowered.

I've drawn the ship's exterior from scratch using original ships as references. To make the gibs and interiors I used parts of existing images from the game files.

I really appreciate feedback and criticism, so feel free to give me your opinions! If you have any advice for me i’ll be sure to take it into consideration. : )


- Short video showing cloak, artillery and explosions!

- VanguardOfValor's run with the Moke (also featuring: Infinite Space mod)


Download The Moke + Firestarter (Replaces Federation Cruisers)

Download The Moke only (Replaces Kestrel A)

- You need Slipstream Mod Manager to install either of the mod packs.
- You can use a Savegame Editor to edit your savegame and unlock the needed ships. (But use it parsimoniously!) (Also backup your savegames!)

Special Thanks to:
- DryEagle for the support he gave me in the IRC channel.
- VanguardOfValor for both his ship-making introductory video and making a let's play with my ship.

Also thanks to the forum's community for the awesome tutorials and all the feedback given. : )

- Added "Firestarter" ship to the pack
- Ships now replace Fed Cruiser A and B
- Slight modification of the Moke's gibs.

1.3 (Kestrel-replacing version with no B layout)
- Slight modification of the gibs.

1.2 - download: Kestrel A
- Added mod metadata for Slispream Mod Manager. (many thanks to DryEagle for helping me realize what i was doing wrong while trying to add it)

1.1 - download: Kestrel A
- the name of the ship is not "The Abiding Moke" anymore.
- changed ship description a little.
- fixed engine room interior image being one pixel off.
- made a proper UI icon.
- replaced original shield with a proper one.
- modified room layout a little, teleporter and sensors rooms are now 2x1, allowing for better no-oxygen overlays.
- modified crew from (1 slug, 1 rockman, 1 human, 1 engi) to (2 human, 1 engi)
- minor base image tweaks
- ditched Kestrel B layout duplicate

1.0 - download: Kestrel A | Kestrel B
- Initial release.