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Initiation Part 3

In a near-future Russia, there is no order. Anarchy and Civil War reign the country. After the assassination of the Russian leader, a certain rebel group known as the "Sons of Maxim" attempt a revolution, causing the country to be communist once again. NATO and the United States won't let this happen, deploying all over the country. A year after "Operation Flagstaff", the assassination of ultranationalist leader Varfolomei Naverashkev, the Russians are back and more powerful than ever following military support from North Korea against the Americans. After many covert missions and small invasions of large cities, the NATO task force is in shambles. Any squad of soldiers could have 7 people, all from different countries. The Ultranationalists are preparing for the final assault on the former metropolis of Novosibirsk, Russia. NATO has had enough, and for the first time since Vietnam, NATO forces have been ordered to fall back to an allied country. "Evacuation order Mojave", the order for all NATO forces to retreat to Almaty, Kazakhstan, is broadcasted throughout the allied radio waves. Thrown into all of this is Private First Class Robert King, a member of Canada's Joint Task Force Two. While he has seen combat in Afghanistan, he has never fought a full-scale firefight. Now that he's in Russia, those chances aren't totally out of his favour.

Stay after the credits to see a preview of things to come as well.


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Created by Seafire

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