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Eschaton 0.8: CE tag import into demo

This is a promotional video tutorial for Eschaton 0.8. The map used in this tutorial is called "Corrupted" and it was made by Mothergoat and Neuro ko Neza. It can be found in the CE maps section of halomaps at The actual tag used was the wasp vehicle tag. The credits for the wasp are as follows:
Mothergoat - Gameplay concept design
Lightning Skinning
SSDC Tagging
kiLLa - Tweaking the tags and model and setting up the passenger correctly

Please do not rip tags, use tags without permission or distribute files from full to people who have not purchased the full version game.

The replacement process will usually require the full version map files and bitmaps and sounds files to convert correctly.


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Created by Altimit01

Forum Embed Code: [mgmvideo]Wasp_Import_640x400.flv,eschaton/08,640,400[/mgmvideo]

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