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Sinking of the Meiji

This is part one of my fourth X-Plane movie to date. (The others being Operation Chastise, Flight of the Fork Tailed Devils and Pearl Harbour.) It is in two parts due to the amount of sound files affecting playback quality.

December 12, 1944. As the allies push further and further into Japan in a final battle, the third Japanese Yamato-Class battleship, the Meiji, storms into Midway Atoll in her first and final mission. She was built in complete secrecy, and was supposed to aid the Musashi during the battle of Midway. With the Musashi sunk, the project was cancelled. However, after the Americans gained a strong foothold against the Japanese, the Meiji was continued. Now, on a desperate mission to gain a base for counterattacks against the Americans, the Meiji, and her small fighter escort, sprint head first into the face of certain hell. However, the Americans are caught off guard, and the British carrier HMS Victorious is left vulnerable. Will the Meiji be sunk in time? Watch and find out.


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Created by Seafire[zT]

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