Nov 23, 2020 - 04:22 PM
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Streaming Video

A new feature has been added, streaming video. Users can now submit their videos in the forum or sending a PM to me to have their videos streamed. The videos can be video tutorials, game footage, machinimas, or anything else in video form. Further details will be released at a later time. To kick off the streaming will be nine machinima videos created by the Jester Brothers. The links to the videos will appear when you click to read the full story. When you click on the links the videos will open your QuickTime Player and begin playing.

AISBL - Episode One Pilot
AISBL - Christmas with Sharebear
AISBL - Kill the Zombies
AISBL - Reunion
AISBL - The Assassin Redux
AISBL - The Fuel Rod
AISBL - The Teleporter
AISBL - The Radio
Assault Part I

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